“Maximum Effort”

via Daily Prompt: Pursue

Ever seen the movie “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds? Having always been around children and now having three of my own, I am prone to cartoons. So when my fiancé asked me to watch it with him one night, I was reluctant. For those of you who do not know, Deadpool is another Marvel comic hero bought to life on the big screen Except…he isn’t. He’s a  nonstop, self-healing, smart mouth who is more concerned with extracting revenge on the scientist who turned him into a butt ugly mutant therefore ruining his life than he is saving the world from bad guys. Fair enough.

My favorite part of the movie is when Deadpool gives himself a pep talk by uttering two words: “Maximum Effort”. This is the phrase he says right before he executes his most amazing stunts or tricks or whatever it is hero’s call it when they do…whatever it is that hero’s do. Anyway, that is what I am pursuing in my daily life, “Maximum Effort”.

So many times in our lives we give up, give in, settle, give 50% instead of 100%, or just reserve our energy in hopes of the perfect day to use it. News Flash! Everyday is a perfect day to accomplish a goal. Whether that goal is starting a new business, a new blog, or getting all the laundry done in one day instead of letting the last load just sit in the dryer (Just Me? Oh. Ok.). It all takes “Maximum Effort”. Pursue It.



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