We The People

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Stop me if you’ve heard this before. “We the People of the United States.” Sound familiar? It should. It is a portion from the first sentence of the constitution signed in 1787 after the American War of Independence. Three words from that sentence sum up the vision of our forefathers; We, People, United. I believe that they envisioned a nation where the people stood United for a common goal. We have kept that vision clear while making necessary adjustments as We progressed. But this? This is not progress. Nor is it necessary. A modern day cold war and discrimination is not making this country great again.

Every other day it seems that We have attacked a different country. In response, every other day it seems that a different country has either showcased its weaponry or stated that they do not and will not support us in this phase. And why should they when some of these attacks are unwarranted and impulsive? We are losing allies. We are losing our integrity. Are we also losing our humanity?

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While immigration is a justified concern that needs to be addressed, the way that We are addressing it is more of a moral concern. I think of Daniela Vargas who was detained after speaking publicly on immigration issues this year. Though she has since been released, the fact that she was prosecuted for coming forward speaks volumes. I also think of the immigration raids. These aren’t drug raids. We aren’t raiding sex traffickers. We are raiding people who like us, are not all bad and have come to this great country in search of a better life. Are We America the Beautiful? Or have We become Nazi Germany? Why don’t We give them a chance to come forward without fear of deportation and separation from their families? Why don’t We aid them in the citizenship process?  Wouldn’t that remind people that this is the land of opportunity? Wouldn’t that make America great again?

I am an American citizen who goes to bed with worry and wakes up with it as well. But before you judge me for my fear, know this. I am not alone in it. I conducted weeks of research for this post. I’d planned to compile all the facts and make this one factual, undeniable…thing. But I trashed it because like others, how I feel trumps the facts. What I did find was that the mass majority of articles, pieces and interviews were motivated by fear and dressed up in intellectual vocabulary. Fact or opinion based, it is all the same. The majority of the American people fear the rapid demise in our quality of life. And what are We doing about it?

We do our research, write our blogs and debate our views on the news. That’s it. That is the limitation of We the People. I am not sure if We feel powerless or if We just do not know what to do. May I suggest order? May I suggest protocol? May I suggest the same fate We used to threaten Bill Clinton in 1998 for a lesser offense? Impeachment. But make it dignified. Render to Caesar all that is Caesar’s. But give us back our integrity because that is ours, it belongs to We the People.



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