Victory Dance

In the past I’ve had a hard time celebrating accomplishments. For instance, when I earned my first college degree I was proud, but was mostly like “Yeah. Whatever. What’s next?” My sister had to remind me of how hard I worked to get it and that I shouldn’t treat it like it was nothing. She was right. Instances like that have plagued me for as far back as I can remember, and old habits die hard.

This week, I rediscovered my ability to be competent. I knew I’d done my job because I had the lingering headache to prove it. While in a conversation with my mom I began to belittle my accomplishments once again. She politely waited until I finished talking then never taking her eyes away from the clothes she was folding she said “Don’t say that. You worked really hard this week.” And you know what? She was right. I’d worked really hard to be finished with my work three days early. So this is what I did…

I gathered myself and my kids into one room, grabbed the marshmallows, turned the music up loud, and we had our very first Victory Party. And why not? We all had so much to celebrate. My 4yr old proved she’s a rock star at her first school program. My 7yr old earned three new badges in Boy Scouts. Not only did I finish my work three days early but I started my first blog, this blog. No matter how amateur, it’s mine. I turned a dream into a reality. Wait for it…

Glass, Explosion, Shivers, Shards, Shot

Mind blowing right? Then on top of all that, my 2yr old went potty for the very first time! I mean me and my kids are kickin major butt right now. It was time to celebrate and I wanted them in on it. I want to instill victory into my children. So for about two hours we did our Victory Dance. Now I can’t dance, not really, and every three minutes I had to take a break.

I’m not the party girl I used to be. LOL. That’s okay though.


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