Yelp for Self

There I was, in the literature section analyzing each of the Self-Help titles wondering which best suited my current state of mind. I was in a funk. That’s short for “state of despair”. I needed help. I needed someone to tell me how to be successful because clearly… I was not.

Swallowing the lump that had risen in my throat, I realized that none of the books related to me and my struggle. I’d already read tons of them. Topics included business, developing a personal brand, quitting your job, and making your dreams come true. My personal favorites were the books on inner peace. I felt I needed so much of that.

Now truth be told, I found great advice in each book that I read. Some of that advice I still use today in both my personal and professional life, but none of those steps propelled me into certain success. Instead, the only thing that I’d succeeded in was failed businesses, failed relationships, and disappointment. I was hopeless and running out of confidence. Even worse, I was helpless. I couldn’t even help myself.  How does one move past that? What could I do? Scream?

No. I Yelped. And then…

Pear, Think, Idea, Questions, Response

“Bing” goes the light bulb. Those books  couldn’t help me because I didn’t need any help. Sure, I thought I’d be further in my career.  After all, I’d planned to be and do so much more.  But as I looked back over the past few years and remembered  what all I’d come through unscathed, I was already successful. See, I was measuring inner peace by the wrong standards.  I don’t have the job I want, the car, or the house I want. I don’t even have the kids I want (joke). But what I do have is the one thing that no book or person can ever give me, A Sense of Self.

So the next time you find yourself in a funk, failing at professional goals, the next time you find yourself divorced, turned down, with child, or if your lucky— without child (lol), the next time you feel like you need any help of any kind; find a corner, give a little Yelp for the self you thought you’d be… and keep right on being the self that you are right now.

Ball, Beach, Happy, Ocean, Pink, Smile


I want this blog to be about trying, about failing, about the laughs along the way. I want my Yelp’s to help people who cannot be helped.


One thought on “Yelp for Self

  1. I enjoyed reading this because I too find myself in several funks. The best thing to do is read self help books take whatever advice you can get from them and try your hardest to improve yourself. I often find myself giving me my own pep talks to get up and keep going and never giving up. Thanks for this.

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